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By Danish Soomro

updated 5 months ago

Visadb also allows you to write articles which may help  users and attract more clients for you "experts". It is very easy to create an article as an expert. You just have to follow the following steps: -

1. First, you have to go on your expert dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see various options as shown in the photo below. On the right side, you can see an option called “Write an article”. Click on that option and follow the steps:-

or you can directly go to the "Articles" option on your screen as shown below

2. As you proceed, you have to click on the option “Write an article” as shown in the image below.

3. Every article must have a title to make it easy for users to select the most appropriate article for them to read. A title example could be “how to apply for a visa to UK” as shown below in the photo.

4. As depicted on the photo below, this box is where you write the main body of the article.

5. We also offer options for experts to attach photos on their articles. Photos often help an article to be more attractive to the users. You can attach photos in your articles as seen below.

6. Article tags are another excellent way of promoting your services through the article. Article tags include the services that you offer which includes the likes of immigration services, relocation services, investment firm and more. By including article tags, an expert may expect to get more views on their article and ,therefore, to attract more users.  

7. Finally, visadb also offers an option to either publish the article or not. If you just want to create the article but not publish it click on the “create” option and the article will not be visible to the users. You can publish the article by selecting “Publish this article” and then clicking on “Create” option. It is depicted on the photo below.

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