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By Danish Soomro

updated 5 months ago

The main objective of Visadb is to make sure that our site is user friendly so that experts and users alike can use this website without any trouble. Below is a depiction of how our dashboard looks like for the experts.

On the dashboard, you can do many tasks without spending so much time.

1. You can see the pending events which you may have. Pending events are the ongoing cases or services which experts are offering to the users.

2. You can also see the upcoming events with dates specified on it. Upcoming events are any meetings or consultation calls you may have with your clients.

3. Writing an article is an excellent way for getting new clientele and also enhancing your profile on our website.

4. We believe in improving ourselves on a daily basis and we appreciate any feedbacks from you. Feedbacks are an excellent way of making sure we provide the best service possible to everyone. We encourage you to send any feedbacks to us.

This past year has been unpredictable, and it is tough to have updated news on the preventive measures all around the world. We also make that easier for experts as we continuously update the information on our website. On the news section, you can find up-to-date news about all the preventive measures and restrictions all around the world.

On the “cases” section, you can see all the cases which are undertaken by your organization. You can also see the status of a case i.e. whether it is accepted or rejected. You can also see the date on which you created the case.

A consultation call is a very effective way to clear all the doubts that your clients may have and providing such services improves client retention. On the consultation call section, you can see any consultation call that you may have and also the date on which you created the consultation.

You can easily market/advertise your services on our website. Users can easily see the services offered by your company and may hire you if you can help with their case. On the “service” option, you can see the list of services you have created. You can also see that service status, i.e. whether it is published or not; the cost of the service is also visible. You can also choose to create a service by going to the “new service” icon. We strive to make everything easier for you, hence we have provided the information regarding “how to create a service”.

You can also choose to write an article by going to the “article” option. We have provided information regarding how to write an article. Kindly go through it. All the information regarding how to write an article or how to create a service is provided on the “support” icon as shown in the photo below.

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